Does an Apple a Day Really Protect Your Teeth?

Posted on 11/15/2018 by Dr. Leary
CavitiesSylvan Heights Dental OR 97221Does an apple a day keep the dentist away? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some scientists believe that eating apples regularly are a great way to clean teeth and provide nutrients that protect them.

Some believe that apples aren't very good at protecting teeth. However, any risks are minute compared to the benefits that apples provide your teeth.

Are Apples Bad for Teeth?

Apples are very high in acidity. Foods that are high in natural acidity can decrease saliva. Less saliva means that your teeth become more susceptible to bacteria, decay, and rot. High acidity can damage the natural enamel in your teeth as well. Further, apples are high in natural sugars, which might contribute to decay or cavities over time.

You can negate these effects by eating other food with apples. Drink water immediately after eating an apple to negate acidity levels. You can also brush your teeth a half hour after eating an apple. Whatever you do, you shouldn't stop eating apples. The benefits far outweigh any risks.

A Natural Toothbrush

The act of eating an apple can be a natural and supplemental form of tooth brushing. The pulp of an apple is dense and fibrous. As you chew it, it will scrub against your teeth and gums. The fibrous nature of the apple, as well as its skin, may also reduce stains from your teeth and naturally fight plaque.

Salivary Producer

The denseness of apple pulp means that your teeth get a workout from eating it. As you chew an apple, more saliva is produced from your salivary glands. Saliva helps to wash away loose germs and bacteria from teeth.

Bacteria Killer

The natural acidity from an apple may kill the bacteria and germs that cause dental decay and rot. This natural acidity may also kill off the bacteria and germs that cause bad breath as well.

An Apple a Day Is the Way to Protect Teeth

Eating apples may have a few downsides. Yet, the teeth protecting benefits of eating apples far outweigh any negatives. An apple a day may keep the dentist away, but we still recommend that you come see us at least every six months for regular checkups and cleanings!
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