Ways Sedation Improves Oral Procedures

Posted on 12/30/2018 by Dr. Leary
Ways Sedation Improves Oral ProceduresThe grinding of drills, the clattering of picks probing, the muffled sounds of fear and discomfort – it's no wonder that several people are terrified of the dentist! But rest assured (literally), because oral care sedation is an option that can help make your next visit much more comfortable.

Benefits For You
Sedation will help relax you and remove some of the anxiety you feel, which can sometimes make dental care seem to draw out into weeks without end. Depending on the stage of sedation, you may be mostly alert, groggy, dozing, or even unconscious during the entire procedure, which means that you won't have to feel any incidental pain or discomfort while we work on your mouth.

Further, if you or a loved one have special needs, sedation can turn a potentially terrifying, inexplicable experience into a calm, comfortable day out, without much extra preparation necessary. And for all types of patients, there'll be lower risks of long-term trauma caused by the procedure, since most patients don't even remember all of the details.

Benefits for Us
Just as the visit may be stressful for you, visits can be stressful for us, for slightly different reasons. If you have a gag reflex that triggers due to fear or nerves, a little sedation will help soothe you and keep you from spasming, gagging, or biting, allowing us to work quicker and more efficiently without interruption.

This also opens the door for us to perform procedures in sequence, rather than waiting after each for our patient to be ready to go back on the chair. Especially if you need multiple procedures during the same visit, sedation can keep you in a Zen state the entire time, which allows us to remain in a focused state as well.

There are multiple types of sedation available, and some are better suited for particular patients than others. If you are interested, be sure to speak with us about the options available to you, as well as further benefits and potential risks that accompany them, so we can help you pick out the best way to ensure relaxation during your visit.
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