Soup Is Better for Your Teeth Than Crackers If You Feel Ill

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Dr. Leary
Soup Is Better for Your Teeth Than Crackers If You Feel IllWhen you are feeling sick or have come down with the local bug, you may feel like letting your diet fall by the wayside. Finding the right foods to eat when you're sick can be difficult, so most people stick to crackers and soup.

Most don't know that candy isn't the top cavity-causing item you eat. You'll probably be happy to discover that the dark chocolate you love to indulge in actually promotes your oral health. The worst food for your teeth may shock you because it is saltine crackers.

Saltine Crackers and Your Teeth

They are worse for your teeth than any other food because they are fermentable and full of highly processed starch. Because they are genetically engineered they are high up on the glycemic index, making them much more cavity-causing than anything else. Sugar is definitely a major contributor to cavities by turning from sugar to plaque in your mouth.

The saltine crackers break down very quickly and immediately become food for bacteria to feed on. The bacteria that thrive in your mouth can convert the starch into plaque much faster than sugar. If you've ever noticed how crackers can coat your teeth while you eat them, this further increases the danger of plaque getting into hard to reach places.

Ward Off Bacteria with Hot Soup

It's not a secret that eating your veggies is good for you. The main reason that sticking to vegetables when you are sick is that it provides you with nutrients. When your immune system is on high alert, you're burning through more nutrients than when you are healthy.

By maintaining a diet enriched in them, you fight off gum disease and other harmful bacteria. There are many soup recipes that are excellent for your teeth all over the Internet. By sticking with soup you get something easy to put down and get the vitamins to get better as quickly as possible.

The moral of the story is to pour yourself a little extra soup and avoid those saltine crackers. You have enough going on when you are sick, we don't want your immune system fighting in areas it doesn't need to. For more information, call us today. 
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