Ways to Keep Your Mouth Moist When Wearing Partial Dentures

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Dr. Leary
Ways to Keep Your Mouth Moist When Wearing Partial DenturesApart from playing an important role in your quality of life and health, dentures can really help someone to maintain an amazing smile. Learning to adapt to a partial or full set of dentures can be a big challenge at first.

Your chewing, speech, and bad breath become a bigger issue, as well as the dry mouth that comes with it. A fungal infection called oral stomatitis also develops in over half of people who wear dentures. With dentures, you constantly have to be on watch.

Why is Saliva Important for Dentures?

Saliva happens to be very essential to our health. However, more emphasis should apply when it comes down to people who wear dentures. A dry mouth may make the dentures loose, irritated, and full of sores and infections. Saliva stabilizes the replacement teeth by creating a suction between the gum tissues and the dentures. Saliva also acts as a lubricant, preventing abrasion and irritation that may lead to the development of sores. Saliva is also responsible for the prevention of oral stomatitis.

What are Some Symptoms of Dry Mouth?

You may experience bad breath or even have difficulty in speech if you are suffering from dry mouth. Your mouth may turn red and parched as well as general soreness. Food may also taste very different from what you are used to, and the corners of your mouth may crack.

Relieving Dry Mouth

A dry mouth can create discomfort when you wear dentures. To relieve dryness, you should try to sip on water frequently during the day. Avoid alcohol and caffeine- these drinks have been proved to cause dry mouth. Avoiding tobacco products should also be on your list if you are a tobacco user. Try using sugar-free gum; they are good for the stimulation of saliva flow.

If you under medication that might make your mouth dry as a side effect, talk to us as soon as you can to see if there is any alternative that does not produce the same effect. However, do not cease the use of prescribed medication without communicating with us first.
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