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Image of a person being examined to see if they can get ClearCorrect, at Sylvan Heights Dental in Portland, OR. You would like to straighten your teeth, but if you're unsure which route to go after comparing the benefits and drawbacks of braces vs Invisalign. Make a sound selection with an orthodontist's assistance after researching and asking questions. The greatest choice for orthodontic treatment may be Invisalign, but it's still essential that you seek professional guidance from an orthodontist. The kind of orthodontics ideal for you also relies on the kind of orthodontic issue you need to be fixed.

At Sylvan Heights Dental, Dr. Jeremiah Leary and , we can check your oral health to determine if it is a suitable option for you.

Invasalign vs. Braces

Traditional braces are known to be difficult to keep clean. Maintaining the brackets and teeth cleanliness is a hassle whether dining at a restaurant or with family.

The aligner trays are simple to remove while using Invisalign. Reinsert it in the mouth after giving them a gentle brushing with toothpaste and warm water. A dental office appointment is necessary when the wires or rubber bands on metal braces must be tightened. As your teeth move and align, Invisalign allows you to engage in activities. You get the aligner trays for the current stages and the subsequent phases when you begin the Invisalign treatment program. If you get the trays beforehand, you may go to the following step without making a second office appointment.

Since the aligners with Invisalign are removable, you may consume everything you wish to eat and drink. It takes less time to brush your teeth afterwards as a result. But, when reinstalling the aligners, remember to clean the teeth and rinse the mouth.

Even if you've never used braces, you know the pain they may cause. Conventional braces move teeth by applying tension to the wires and brackets. A loop of pain is created as the brackets are tightened, causing soreness until the strain is released. While using Invisalign, the patient may take out the aligner trays for meals, clean their teeth, and floss them. The sensation of pain and the feeling of scraping along the face, tongue, or gums are lessened by using Invisalign.

Benefits of Invisalign

Many people wanted straight teeth but were turned off in the past by the concept of wearing conventional metal braces. This is where Invisalign came in. Everyone tries to conceal their orthodontic treatment, but metal braces make it obvious they are wearing them. For anybody who requires orthodontic treatment, Invisalign is an amazing option. Most people are unlikely to notice that you're using aligners since they're composed of transparent, hardly perceptible thin plastic.

Several of our customers had treatment with Invisalign as adults since their teeth progressively moved out of line after wearing metal braces as kids or adolescents. Teenagers who have used both orthodontics are astonished at how much more pleasant Invisalign is than conventional metal braces, making it an excellent option for orthodontic treatment.

Unlike unsightly metal braces, the aligners are smooth plastic, which fits tightly against the teeth. You will change the aligners at your home after two weeks rather than having wires prick the cheeks and delicate tissue or undergoing unpleasant wire hardening after every four weeks. Invisalign isn't only comprised of plastic; it also contains the cutting-edge SmartTrack® material for predictable, more comfortable tooth movement. With Invisalign technology advances, practically all orthodontic situations can be treated as well with Invisalign as metal braces.

Most teenagers and adults who desire straight teeth and a healthier bite now have access to Invisalign. However, a tiny percentage of patients with complicated difficulties must be treated with conventional braces. So, call us at (503) 297-1471, and our dentists will check whether Invisalign is a suitable option for you.
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At Sylvan Heights Dental, Dr. Jeremiah Leary and the team are excellent at checking your oral health, to determine if ClearCorrect is a suitable option for you!
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