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Image of a smiling young woman at Sylvan Heights Dental.When faced with physical damage or decay, your teeth are in danger. Damaged teeth can significantly weaken your teeth, leaving them susceptible to further damage, splitting, or even shattering. The affected teeth are at an increased risk of developing an infection. Damaged teeth near the front of your mouth also cause serious aesthetic issues. Sylvan Heights Dental can help to restore damaged teeth with all-ceramic crowns.

How Do Teeth Get Damaged?

There are many issues that can cause tooth damage. These include:
•  Falling and hitting your mouth.
•  Sports injuries.
•  Car accidents.
•  Biting down on food or other objects that are hard.
•  Tooth decay.

What is a Crown?

A dental crown is a dental restoration that is used to treat a damaged tooth. It is similar to a cap and resembles the size and shape of the tooth is it encasing. The dental crown fits over the entire visible surface of the affected tooth, working to prevent further damage and protect the tooth from infections. A dental crown also enables your tooth to continue to function normally.

The Benefits of Using Ceramic

Dental crowns can be made from many different types of materials, including metal, porcelain fused to metal, and all-ceramic. All ceramic crowns are one of the most popular choices. There are several reasons for this. One of the biggest benefits to ceramic is that these dental crowns provide a completely natural appearance. Metal crowns are silver or gold in color and stand out quite prominently from the rest of your teeth.

Ceramic can be stained to perfectly match the color of your surrounding teeth. The material also naturally reflects light just like tooth enamel. These crowns may not have the same strength as metal, but they can withstand most normal daily wear. Combined with their natural color, ceramic crowns are perfect for treating teeth at the front of your mouth and restoring the appearance of your smile.

Another major benefit of ceramic crowns is that they are free from metals. Metal and porcelain fused to metal crowns can cause issues for patients who are allergic. Ceramic is completely free from any metals and will not cause reactions. They are also a great alternative to those who are concerned about having metal placed in their mouths.

Placing your Ceramic Crown

Placing a ceramic typically takes two appointments. At your first appointment, we prepare the damaged tooth by removing a portion of the enamel. This makes the tooth smaller, ensuring that your dental crown will fit into place and appear completely natural. After preparing the tooth, we then take an impression of your mouth and place a temporary crown. The temporary crown helps to protect your tooth until your final crown is complete.

Your impression is sent to our dental lab. Technicians use this impression to design and create your custom crown. Based on the information we provide, they can create a completely realistic restoration that will blend in with the rest of your teeth. Once the crown is finished, we check it for a proper fit and natural bite and bond it into place over the tooth.

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If you have suffered tooth damage, it is important that you have your mouth examined right away. Even seemingly minor damage can have a major impact. Call Sylvan Heights Dental today at (503) 297-1471 to schedule your consultation and find out if an all-ceramic crown is right for you.
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