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Rendering of dental crowns at Sylvan Heights Dental in Portland, ORYour teeth perform many important functions. They are necessary for biting and chewing different types of foods. They help you to speak properly. They provide you with a gorgeous, confident smile. The teeth also play an important role in the health of your jawbone. While the teeth are incredibly strong, physical damage and decay can weaken them and leave them susceptible to infections. At Sylvan Heights Dental, we can restore damaged teeth, protecting your oral health, with dental crowns.

What is a Crown?

A crown is a type of dental restoration that is often used to treat damaged teeth. They can also be an effective treatment for decayed teeth that cannot be treated with traditional fillings. A crown looks almost like a small cap and is designed to encase the entire visible surface of the affected tooth. By encasing the entire tooth, the crown aids in holding the tooth together, preventing further damage, and keeping the tooth safe from bacterial infections. It also functions to strengthen the tooth so that it can function normally in your mouth.

What is a Crown Made From?

Crowns can be made from different materials. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type.
•  Metal. Metal crowns, which can be made from different types of metals including gold, are the strongest crowns. They can withstand the strongest chewing forces, making them ideal for teeth at the back of the mouth. They also require the least amount of enamel removal. The biggest drawback about metal is that it is quite noticeable. It may also cause a reaction in those with allergies to metal.
•  Porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain fused to metal, or PFM crowns combine the strength of metal with the aesthetics of porcelain. The metal base surrounds the tooth while the porcelain coating provides a natural appearance. The metal base can help to protect the tooth if the porcelain chips. Like metal crowns, PFM crowns may also cause reactions in those with allergies.
•  Ceramic. Ceramic crowns provide the greatest aesthetic results. Made entirely from ceramic, these crowns look exactly like your real teeth. They even reflect light just like natural enamel. They are not as strong as metal crowns, but they can withstand the lighter pressures exerted on the front teeth and can last 20 years or more.

The Benefits of a Crown

Crowns provide many incredible benefits. Crowns can:
•  Protect damaged and decayed teeth from further harm.
•  Prevent the development of infections.
•  Strengthen teeth.
•  Prevent the need for an extraction.
•  Protect a root canal.
•  Anchor a bridge in place.

How is a Crown Placed?

Crowns typically require two separate appointments to place. First, the damaged tooth is prepared. This process, done under a local anesthetic, involves removing a portion of the enamel to make the tooth smaller. This is necessary to ensure that your crown fits perfectly in with the rest of your natural teeth. After preparing the tooth, an impression is taken. We send this impression to our dental lab. There, it is used to design and fabricate your custom crown.

Your second appointment occurs after the crown has been completed. We check it for a comfortable fit and bite. If the crown is PFM or ceramic, the color is also checked to make sure that it blends in. Finally, it is bonded into place on your tooth.

A crown helps to protect a damaged tooth and prevent bacterial infections. If you have suffered tooth damage, call Sylvan Heights Dental today at (503) 297-1471 to schedule your appointment.

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At Sylvan Heights Dental, we can restore damaged teeth, protecting your oral health, with dental crowns. Click here to learn more and give us a call today!
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