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A patient looking at her digital x-rays by Sylvan Heights Dental in Portland, OR.Taking care of your mouth is essential for keeping it healthy and happy. A big part of maintaining optimal oral health is your daily care at home. In addition to brushing, flossing, and cleanings, advanced professional care is needed. Dental exams serve a couple of purposes. Routine dental exams, performed every six months, allow us to check your mouth for signs of issues before they become serious. Exams also help to pinpoint the cause of specific symptoms so that you can get the restorative treatment you need. Part of your exam involves a visual inspection of your mouth. However, there is only so much that can be seen with the naked eye. At Sylvan Heights Dental, we can get a complete picture of your mouth with digital radiography.

Why are X-Rays Important?

While there are many issues, we can spot just by looking at your mouth; there are many issues that are not readily apparent. X-rays are images that allow us to see the hidden areas of your mouth, including the spaces between your teeth and the areas below your gum line. X-rays can show us:
•  Cavities between teeth.
•  Root fractures.
•  Bone fractures and bone loss.
•  Cysts and abscesses.
•  Impacted teeth.
•  Tumors in your jawbone.
•  Teeth that are still developing below the gum line. X-rays can also help us to monitor bone growth and development.

Digital Radiography

X-rays have been around for many years. Traditionally, these essential images were taken using radiation. While they can produce good images, X-rays taken with radiation require time to develop. They also need to be developed in a separate darkroom. This takes time away from your appointment. Additionally, many patients express concerns over the use of radiation and their health.

Today, X-rays are taken using digital technology. We place an electronic sensor in your mouth and position it to take the necessary images. The sensor is attached to a computer. We simply push a button, and the images we take are displayed almost immediately on the computer monitor. There is no need to develop the images or even leave the room.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

There are many benefits associated with digital radiography.
•  Taking your images is quick, simple, and completely painless.
•  Your images show up on the computer screen almost immediately. The need to develop images is eliminated.
•  Specialized software allows us to examine your images more closely. We can zoom in on suspect areas to see the smallest details in your mouth. This allows for more accurate diagnoses of different issues. We are also able to formulate more effective treatment plans.
•  Your appointment is spent with you. Since there is no need to leave the room to develop images, your whole appointment is spent with you. We can help you understand your diagnosis and your treatment options. We are also able to take the time to answer any questions that you have, so you feel more comfortable with your care.
•  With digital radiography, your exposure to radiation is reduced up to 95%. This can be very comforting for patients with concerns about the use of radiation.

Digital radiography shows us the hidden areas of your mouth, allowing us to more accurately diagnose oral health issues so that we can provide you with the best treatment possible. Call Sylvan Heights Dental today at (503) 297-1471 to learn more.
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At Sylvan Heights Dental, we can get a complete picture of your mouth with digital radiography, which offers several advantages over traditional X-rays. Learn more here!
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